Bike Reviews

Check out my review of the Intense Recluse, the ultimate all mountain bike experience. Watch my review to get my opinions and find out who this bike was made for. This review is a two part review, please see the second video for additional trail footage and in depth review. This is the launch of my youtube bike review video series. 

Check out my review of the Yeti SB5.5 27.5. You can also see my crash that sent me falling 5 feet on to my should separating my AC joint. However, I was able to peace together an adequate video to give a comprehensive review of the Yeti SB5.5. It was a bad day for my shoulder, but this video has received some great reviews and comments. 

This video is the second part in a two part review of the Intense Recluse 27.5, This video is shot in 1080p in the wide angle mode on the Garmin Virb Ultra 30.

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