Friday, May 26, 2017

BKXC Shreds | Santa Cruz Bronson | Alive & Well | Mountain biking Montan...

BKXC Shreds | Santa Cruz Bronson| Alive & Well | Mountain biking Montana De Oro  | Intense Recluse: Join for part 2 as I continue to attempt to keep up with Brian Kennedy of BKXC. A special thanks to Jax Bicycle shop, Brian Kennedy, and Brendon Sangster from (Slim Innovations) for making this happen. Note: Brian Sangster led the way on a hardtail the entire time! The trail was located in St. Luis Obispo, CA. Jax Bicycle Shop provided me with the 2017 Intense Recluse Elite, Brian Kennedy is ridding his trusty Santa Cruz Bronson with DVO suspension. LETS DROP IN!

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