Friday, March 24, 2017

Top 2017 Mountain Bikes: 2017 Santa Cruz Hightower 27.5 plus tires #top...

Join me with Patrick as we search for Vista Trail downhill! Today I tested the Santa Cruz Hightower 27.5+. The Santa Cruz Hightower was my first plus size bike experience. While the tires did have a "big tire" feel to them, the bike was insanely fun and fast on the downhill. It climbed over big rocks and steps like nothing. However, the Santa Cruz Hightower produced in me an escalation of fatigue while in the ascents. I rode this bike right after the Bronson and I was able to tell that the climbing on the Santa Cruz Bronson was far more efficient in the long and tiresome climbs than the Hightower. All in all the Santa Cruz Hightower did not disappoint and if I could ride it again, I would. For an in person and live action review please click the video, and don't forget to LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE!!! Dropping Out!!!!

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