Friday, March 31, 2017

Top 2017 Mountain Bikes: 2017 Intense Tracer Bike Review

Top 2017 Mountain Bikes: 2017 Intense Tracer Bike Review and Test Ride. Join me and Rick today as we descend Matco Trail at Vail Lake in Temecula, CA. Today Im reviewing the 2017 Intense Tracer. This is a special review for me, since I currently own the 2016 Intense Tracer. The 2017 Intense Tracer is equipped with Rockshox Pike Fork. Shimano XT 1x11, with XT brake levers and breaks. The 2017 Intense Tracer that Im demoing today is an expert build, which is just above the entry build. The wheel set on this expert build is quite heavy compared to the pro-build. I highly recommend getting the Pro-build, the weight difference on the mountain bike's wheel set was very substantial. The way in which the 2017 Intense Tracer differentiates itself form the 2016 Intense Tracer is that it has boost front and rear axle, rear shock is mounted to the bottom tube, unlike the 2016 Intense Tracer that is mounted to the top tube. The geometry of the 2017 Intense Tracer is lower and slacker than the previous model. The Rockshox fork also sports 165mm in travel in front compared to the 2016 Intense Tracer 160mm front fork. All these modifications make for a bike that is geared more towards enduro than the 2016 Intense Tracer. This video is part 2 of the review, this episode will have the full on descent from the top to the bottom! LET'S DROP IN!

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